Savage Coffees – Parabolic


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Savage Coffees – Parabolic

Savage Coffees – The award-winning coffees now available through Samba Coffee Roasters.

Origin: Panama
District: Boquete
Farm: Finca Deborah
Altitude: 1700-1800 masl
Variety: Green Tip Geisha
Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration
Cup Profile: Cherry, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple
Malic acidity, medium body.

The Process:

The process for Parabolic started with harvesting perfectly ripe Geisha cherries, registering 21-24 on the BRIX meter. These cherries were twice sorted and selected before being deposited into hermetically sealed, stainless steel tanks, where they remained for upwards of 100 hours.
During this period, CO2 was introduced at regular intervals amid a controlled and regulated fermentation environment. This was the time the coffee seeds could absorb high fruit notes and finer aromatics from the cherry itself. Temperature and PH were monitored throughout this duration, ensuring these variables stayed within pre-defined limits.
Following their extended stay inside the sealed tanks, the cherries were removed and laid out on the three-tiered, raised African bed system designed by Jamison. Temperatures, humidity, and airflow were also maintained within specific parameters in the shaded drying areas, also referred to as dry houses, as the cherries were consistently and carefully shifted throughout the day for even drying. These steps were carried out to prevent undesired microbial activity from occurring and to promote the development only of desired flavors.
The cherries spent around 20 days on the drying beds before reaching the proper moisture level of approximately 11%. To protect the quality that had painstakingly been created, they were then bagged in Grain-pro and stored under optimal conditions of cool and stable temperatures for a reposo or seasoning process critical in Jamison’s stringent end-to-end QC protocol.
In reposo, the coffee’s moisture content stabilized while allowing it to keep absorbing more flavor from its parchment or shell, before being hulled and further sorted by size, density, and color, and finally shipped to us.

150gr. roasted beans. Ground coffee is not available for Competition Coffee Series.
All Competition coffees are roasted once ordered so please be patient with your order. Each package is presented in a collectable box with a premium card. All packaging, including bag are recyclable.

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Συσκευασία 150γρ. σε ανακυκλώσιμο premium κουτί με συλλεκτική κάρτα.



150 g


10 × 10 × 10 cm



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