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One more unique coffee by the Colombian farmers and team of Café Granja La Esperanza! The group of farms that produce these coffees have been getting more and more popular over the years as they have been getting involved in plenty new varieties and experimental processing methods!
Samba Coffee Roasters travelled to Colombia and saw their great facilities first hand. We met with the farmers and were inspired by the love and passion they put into their work.

This time we were introduced to the varietal San Juan that is grown at Potosi, one of C.G.L.E’s farms in the area of Valle del Cauca in Caicedonia.
San Juan is flourishing in the volcanic soils of Colombia and it is a hybrid of Maragogype, Red Burboun and Mundo Novo. The slow fermentation process is called X.O. (extra old) and has been inspired by the way Cognac is fermented.
Back to the coffee, once the ripest cherries have been collected and sorted they go into tanks for 50 straight hours. That is when the fermentation begins in a controlled environment in specific temperature and moisture levels. The second stage includes the drying of the fruits which takes place under the Colombian sun, naturally, for 15 days. This is a way of lowering the astringency while drying the coffees evenly. The result is a very complex flavor profile and it is the main reason why we got excited here at Samba Coffee Roasters and decided to share this coffee with you.

Limited quantity, presented in 150gr air-tight bags.

Origin: Colombia
District: Valle del Cauca, Caicedonia
Farm: Potosi
Altitude: 1860masl
Process: Natural X.O.
Cup Profile: Tropical fruits, pineapple, floral, rum.
Complex acidity with a juicy mouthfeel

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Weight 150 g
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