Mandela – Natural Anaerobic


Packaging: 150gr


The first day we arrived at Cafe Granja we were given a tour at La Esperanza farm.

We were shown around the coffee nurseries where all the baby coffee trees grow and get developed. Little we had known, when the team behind the farm offered us a once in a lifetime experience: to plant our very own coffee plants!
Our excitement cannot be described in words and what made it even more unique was that we had the honor to plant the revolutionary, experimental varietal Mandela!
They explained to us the process behind the creation of this new varietal and most importantly the reasons that lead to it being developed. Mandela has been found to be more pest resistant than most varietals and produces around 30% more yield than the average Caturra varietal.
It is considered to be a game changing varietal as it helps the farmers improve their income and at the same offer a complex and delicious flavor profile.
It is a member of the Caturra family and of course it’s been named after Nelson Mandela! Mandela has been created by CENICAFE, the Colombian Coffee Research Centre. After crossing a Timor hybrid with Ethiopian material such as Villa Sarchi, Sudan Rume and Daleco, the plant is left to self-pollinate naturally.
On the farm level, cherries are picked during and after the harvest period. The brix level is measured, and the ripest cherries are put into a tank that gets sealed from any contact from air for the next 168 hours. Once the fermentation is completed, they are left to dry via mechanical and solar methods.

Limited quantity, presented in 150gr air-tight bags.

Origin: Colombia
District: Valle del Cauca
Farm: La Esperanza
Altitude: 1400-1860masl
Variety: Mandela
Process: Natural Anaerobic
Cup Profile: Tropical fruits, blackberries, cherries, rum.
Complex acidity, juicy mouthfeel.

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Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm