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Finca Buenos Aires


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Our team travelled to Nicaragua and more precisely to the Dipilto area which is just off the borders to Honduras.
That was where we met with producer Olman Valladarez, owner of the Buenos Aires farm where the following coffee comes from.
Olman’s family has been growing coffee for over fifty years now and lately has been gaining the Speciality coffee scene’s attention as back in 2014, one of the coffees the Vallandarez family grows got the 2nd place in the regional Cup of Excellence competition!
Their coffees are grown on a sandy soil and the processes used by the farmers are friendly to the environment. The family recently bought a mill which helps them control the quality all from seeding and harvesting to processing.
We are proud to present to you a naturally processed coffee that is of a Java varietal, a coffee that is not commonly grown in Latin America.

Origin: Nicaragua
District: Dipilto
Altitude: 1200 – 1500masl
Process: Natural
Flavor Profile: Peach, green apple, raisins, and chocolate truffle aftertaste. Citric acidity, medium body.

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